Back to base monitoring is an addition to your security system providing the extra piece of mind that your place is monitored 24hrs 7 days a week not only if a burglar is triggered but for all supporting devices such as power, low back up batteries.

We can even monitor pumps and water levels to ensure adequate notification can be made for appropriate actions to take place.

This means you would get a call at the time of the alarm has communicated to the monitoring centre where you will be called by a “real life” operator and informed what the alarm / control system has reported.

The monitoring centre we utilise (Central Monitoring Services) is a centre based here in Sydney with a state of the art facility.

Central Monitoring remains a family owned business and today has become one of the larger independent Monitoring Centres in Australia. Whilst size is of importance in providing resources to ensure uninterrupted, smooth alarm monitoring, the highest level of quality customer service is what sets them apart from others.

Central Monitoring Services is an industry award winning company and also has staff that have been nominated and won prestigious national awards in the security industry.

Their staff receives ongoing training and their management has over 35 years experience in the fire & security industries.

They are a member of the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) and are involved in the policing and development of the Security Industry. They are represented at all industry and legislative forums to ensure that we are updated on matters affecting the security of premises.

Of the many alarm systems they monitor, approx. 40% are domestic, 40% are commercial and the remaining 20% are high security systems. This combination ensures that their operators are well trained in receiving all types of alarm events.

Click on their logo to view their website.

There are various ways we can have your alarm system communicate with the monitoring centre. 

The most common is “Dialler Monitoring” which uses a standard phone line (home phone line). 

The call cost each time the alarm panel communicates to the monitoring centre is a 1345 phone call. 

Other methods could be provided such as using a GSM dialler or IP monitoring but would incur equipment costs. 

Back to base monitoring can simply utilise your existing phone line. 

We do not lock you into long term contracts. 

Each term is per quarter (3 months). 

Patrol Car Responses can be part of the service if required. 

A once off commissioning fee of $160 (inc. GST) will be applicable to attend onsite and commission the alarm system, test back to base with monitoring centre and update details with control room. 

This once off fee will be waived if we are supplying and installing a new system to your premises and activate the monitoring service at the time of installation.