CCTV is video surveillance that can be viewed live or have footage played back.

The systems we install have all cameras plugged into a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which depending on the size or how many hard drives have been installed will determine the length of recording time before overwriting.

Footage can be recorded for weeks or even months.

We can supply and install various CCTV systems being Analogue, IP or HD SDI CCTV.

The HD SDI CCTV provides 1080p video quality being up to 5 times better resolution than analogue.

In laymen terms the HD SDI CCTV picture quality is the same as watching a Blue Ray movie.

Various camera types are available in either Dome or Bullet shapes to suit your application.

Infrared available providing images in complete darkness.

All systems we install come with connection to your internet service and setup of local and remote access via smart phones, tablets, PC, laptops and Macs etc.

No need to call an IT person as Ampcom has this expertise to set this up.

This service is standard with all CCTV installs we provide as long as there is an active internet service at the premises.

Audio recording is also possible with cameras but requires special authorisation.

CCTV will provide you further piece of mind not only for security but provide you further savings on insurance premiums.