We can supply, install and program all of the NESS Alarm system range.

From there excellent D8X up to the award winning M1 security / automation controller.

Aesthetically pleasing touchscreen keypads ensure you home looks prestigious and elegant.

Systems can be totally wireless or a Hybrid system combining both wired and wireless sensors & devices.

We can provide solutions to accommodate many scenarios, budgets and situations including alarm systems that can run without mains for up to 6 months without recharging. This system is ideal for building / construction sites, caravans etc.

We can support all of NESS’s alarm system dating back 30years to their NESS 5000 series.

We have found these older control panels are still operating nicely. 

These older control panels are not manufactured anymore and have been superseded. However, we can still program and service them for you.

Some of the NESS Control panel have Access Control features built in which provide cost effective solutions for various applications.

Please click on the NESS logo below to navigate to their website and view their current range of alarm panels and other items.