We supply and install PABX phone systems.

It is the best solution for communications, especially for multi level or large homes.

The PABX Phone System allows multi line / multi extension telecommunications. This provides the facility for inter station intercom.

We can program single buttons to call an extension or even call a “Group Page” with will call all extensions or a selection of extensions.

E.g. Kitchen handset has a page all which could be used to page everyone for dinner. All other handsets automatically engage speaker so no one has to answer, but simply just hear the call.

Integration with intercom systems is standard with Ampcom. Any handset can communicate with the intercom front door station. 

It also has the capability to operate the front gate and front door releases from any handset including cordless phones. 

It facilitates a very powerful telecommunication tool capable of much more than just making phone calls. 

Do Not Disturb features come standard where for example; a simple press of a button on a designated handset can be activated not to receive intercom or any incoming calls providing complete privacy when required. 

Installed in conjunction with a structured cabling system you will have the flexibility to have incoming lines routed to individual rooms, have the ability to have the front door bell call all or specific extensions / rooms. 

Ring tones are different from an incoming phone call to an intercom door station call providing easy identification of where the communication is coming from. 

Systems support typical PSTN phone line and VoIP lines.