Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. emphasis on excellent tradesmanship and service with all work carried out by being fully guaranteed.

We take great care to ensure the products we supply and install, are installed in compliance with the manufacturers installation manual and/or instructions.

We have been trained and are experienced for the installation, commissioning and programming for the products we supply and install.

We abide and comply with the current laws of New South Wales, Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

We are fully licensed in all work we carry out.



Ampcom Callout & Labour Warranty – 12 months

Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. warrants that all products supplied are free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date the item is installed (not the invoice date). The invoice will detail the date the item was supplied and/or installed.

Callout & Labour Warranty means any product that fails under the normal operation and use will be either repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer.

Parts Warranty – 24 months

Any items supplied and installed have a “Parts Warranty” period of 24 months.
If any part fails with-in 12 months of installation. No charge on Callout, Labour and Parts.
If any part fails between 12 months and 24 months of installation. No charge on Parts. Callout and Labour fees apply.
If an item fails after 24 months of installation then fees and costs such as Callout, Labour and Parts will apply.

Items excluded by Warranty

Items supplied that are not covered by warranty are consumable items that have a finite life such as batteries and projects that utilise existing wiring and/or cabling.

Void of Warranty

Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. shall be relieved of all warranty obligations as per list below.

  1. The item/s was not installed by Ampcom Services Pty.
    Ltd. or by an authorised representative of Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd.
  2. The item/s have been modified by persons other than
    Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. or by an unauthorised representative of Ampcom
    Services Pty. Ltd.
  3. Work carried out by any telecommunications agency or
    other party that affects communication of system/s.
  4. The item/s has been misused, or not been operated in
    conjunction with the Manufacturer User Guide or instructions from Ampcom
    Services Pty. Ltd.
  5. Acts of vandalism have taken place.
  6. Fire.
  7. Acts of mother nature has occurred such as electrical
    storms, floods, cyclones, extreme weather causing havoc.


Charges & Payments:

The  customer will pay Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. the fees and charges outlined in the invoice by either Cash, Cheque, Electronic Transfer or Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard only).

The customer will pay on demand any goods and services tax (GST or Other) payable in respect of any services or items provided to the customer pursuant to this
statement on Ampcom Services website.

If a customer wishes to pay via Credit Card at the completion of a service call before an official invoice is supplied, the appropriate charges will be calculated and provided to the customer before a credit card transaction is done.

A tax invoice/receipt will then be provided with-in two business days after the transaction.

Fees for back to base monitoring are invoiced quarterly or two quarters (half yearly) in advance.


Invoices over $500 that are paid by Credit Card will incur a surcharge of 1.4%.



As we do not sell goods online, we do not have a refund policy.

Refunds for Credit Card payments will be issued if there was an error on behalf of Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. or its merchant facility.

Refunds will be made in case where an incorrect amount was entered for the transaction.



Goods remain the property of Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. until invoice has been paid in full and funds cleared



Quotes are typically supplied in the form of an email or a more formal proposal in a PDF document.

All quotes are valid for 60 days only.


Installation Terms & Conditions:

Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. agrees to use its best endeavors, due care and skill to provide installation services selected by the customer.

The customer acknowledges that Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. does not warrant that the alarm services installed (if installed) described on the invoice will render
the alarmed premises or any occupant of the alarmed premises secure.

Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. will not be liable for any loss or damage the customer may suffer in connection with any services installed detailed on the invoice.


Customers responsibility:

The customer will at their cost maintain all equipment described on the Invoice in good working order in accordance with manufacturers requirements, including replacing back up batteries or wireless device batteries (if installed) on a timely basis as required or engage Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. to carry out the service maintenance as required.

The customer will ensure that all passwords, radio keys and other security devices (if security system installed) are kept secure and provided only to those who reasonably require access to the alarm premises.


Indemnities & Liability Acknowledgement:

The customer is solely responsible for all direct and consequential loss or damage which ever may suffer, whether arising from Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. negligence or otherwise resulting from, any cause whatever, including provision of or failure to provide any Service.

The liability of Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. (if any) in connection with this condition (including liability for negligence) is limited to the cost of supplying the Services or Services again.

Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. is not liable for any loss of damage the Customer may suffer if Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. cannot do what it has promised because of events beyond its reasonable control.


Your Privacy:

Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. treats your privacy with the utmost highest regards.

At Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. it is our concern to protect customer information and to provide it safe and secure.

No information will be collected from browsing our website.

If you enquire with us or engage our services we collect your contact information such as name, address, e-mail address, and phone numbers to enable a response to your enquiry, service you and for our account system only.

This information will be kept confidential and at no time will this information be traded, swapped, exchanged or sold to any other party or company.

Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. will not use this information for any other purpose than to communicate with the customer.

All customer information stored on Computers, Servers and Network Attached Storage Devices is encrypted. 


Credit Card and Direct Debit Information:

We DO NOT STORE Credit Card or Direct Debit Information on any Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. facilties or its premises. 

Your credit card details when provided by you to us are entered into the mechant facilites encypted website.

Your information, which we may have written down when taking details over the phone or information received from you in the form of email, fax, post or other will be shredded once entered into the merchant facilities encrypted website.

We currently use BPOINT as our merchant facility which is trusted, supported and utilised by the Commonwealth Bank.

When Ampcom Services Pty. Ltd. accesses the BPOINT’s online facility via web browser, it uses Kaspersky “Safe Money” which opens the online facility in a protected environment to avoid confidential information from being stolen. This is additional online security to BPOINT’s already encrypted website.

All credit card details are encrypted during on-line data transfer.