Ampcom can provide outstanding Home Theatre setups to accommodate various budgets.

Yes we can install, setup and integrate a $50k, $150 or even $300k home theatre room but for the person who wants a fantastic experience at an affordable price or to a specific budget we can design, supply, install and deliver what you require without compromising workmanship or service.

Your home theatre can be controlled by the touch of a button. 

Simply pressing the ‘Movie’ button will reveal the screen as the lights dim and the sound comes up. It’s real cinema, but with all the comforts of home.

We can assist with the design of the cabinetry to specifically house the audio equipment ensuring important airflow and cooling is achieved with aesthetically pleasing looks.

Integrated with lighting control and other home automation we can make your experience truly exciting and enjoyable.

While a dedicated home theatre room may be the ultimate luxury, for most people the home theatre must fit in with the everyday living space. Ampcom have expertise in integrating home theatre electronics, speakers and screens into living spaces discreetly or even invisibly, until they’re needed. Of course picture and sound quality matters and we work with the best brands in the business to ensure your home theatre is all it can be.