A well designed lighting system is a big part of what makes a smart home special.

Not only can it effortlessly set the mood inside the house, the lighting control system can integrate and operate with Security, Access control, Audio Visual technologies.

You don’t notice a well-thought-out lighting system, but you see the effects – lighting sets the mood of your living spaces.

Worked in conjunction with the lighting designer or architect we will plan it around you and your lifestyle, giving your home a welcoming feel, functional controls providing outstanding home living and entertainment features, creating the mood you want from welcoming you home, entertaining guests or shutting down for the night. This can be as simple as pressing one button.

Each touch panel can have multiple lighting ‘scenes’ programmed in, such as ‘Romantic Dinner’, ‘Meal Preparation’ or ‘Movie Time’. Our elegant control solutions will blend into any decor, reducing wall clutter and adding value to your home.

An intelligent home should reduce the complexity in your life, not increase it. We can design your home so that lighting and all the other technologies are seamlessly integrated with a single interface to control everything.

Nothing could be simpler. Forget multiple remote controls, wall panels and instruction manuals!, we can give you a system that is only limited by your imagination.

A well designed and programmed lighting control system will save electricity and save you money. From something as simple as lights that switch off when you’re out of the room to lighting linked to automated blinds that open to allow natural light in, we can design a system that will significantly reduce your home’s energy consumption and also includes heating and cooling.

Our lighting control systems also ensure that every light in your home is operating at the optimal level for both illumination effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Our lighting control systems can be programmed with an ‘away from home’ mode that will give your home a lived-in look while you’re not there by replicating the lighting changes that occur when the home is occupied.

You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that your lighting system can actively deter unwanted visitors by coming on when movement is detected at night – or from a press of a button at your bedside should you hear a strange noise during the night.

We manage the whole process, starting with detailed schematics and cable schedules to ensure all contractors know exactly what’s needed, to finishing with programming the system and showing you how to use it (not that you’ll need help – our systems are simple and intuitive to operate!).

We can even design the system to work with your existing (and familiar) technology – for example you can activate the ‘Welcome Home’ setting from your phone on your way home, a simple and elegant solution that makes coming home a real pleasure.

Ampcom are certified with Clipsal C-Bus.