Home automation is making the electronics in your home extremely user friendly and easy to use.

Having multiple tasks completed automatically or with a single button press via different devices such as a light switch,

security keypad, radio key, smart phone or tablet.

It is the seamless integration of products such as:

  • Security and Access Control
  • Closed Ciruit Television (CCTV)
  • Lighting Control
  • Communications such as Intercom
  • Energy and Water Management
  • Data Networking (Wired & WiFi)
  • Television
  • Multi-Room Audio and Video
  • Home Theatre

There are many examples we could provide, two examples being :-

1. When you arrive home one button on the radio key can open the garage door, disarm the alarm, turn on welcome scene of lights (if dark outside), turn on the aircon and start your favourite music.

2. One button on a touch panel beside the bed will “shut down” the house at night, turning off all the lights throughout the house, turn off the music and arm the security system downstairs.