We can provide many Access Control solutions to match your budget or requirements. 

We are experienced in various brands and types of systems. From simply controlling a single door to an entire complex.

We have technologies that can unlock a door release via your Bluetooth enabled phone – NO app or button press required.

Simply come within a certain distance (1m to 10m – programmable) with your Bluetooth enabled phone and the door strike will simply unlock the gate or door. No pin codes, keyfobs or access cards required.

Systems can include smart logics that can be programmed per user, meaning a single user can be assigned to a time slot which will grant them access on certain days and times only. 

E.g. An office staff worker has access on Mon-Fri from 8am until 6pm whilst the manager has 24/7 access. 

For a residential example, you could assign the Gardener or Pool Cleaner a pin code or card which will only work on the Front Gate and between certain times of the day such as 6am to 6pm, whilst the owner has 24/7 access. 

The systems we install stores event logs which may be useful for reporting if required. 

We can integrate to security systems and CCTV if required. 

The majority of Ness’ alarm systems have access control features built in which offers excellent value for money providing fantastic solutions for certain situations.